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Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Hello, my name is Chelsea and I want to first and foremost introduce myself and my purpose. I am a certified nurse coach ready to transform healthcare! Healthcare continually advances with new medications, medical devices, and surgeries, but Americans continue to become sicker and sicker. CDC statistics state that six out of every ten adults live with a chronic disease, and four out of ten adults have two or more chronic diseases ( I am all too familiar with this as I was diagnosed with crohn's disease at the age of 17. Fast forward, I decided to become a nurse because I loved working with people and helping them. Being both the patient and the provider I hope to help every individual connect the dots along their healing journey. I have worked inpatient for the last six years with one year leaving to work in the endoscopy lab. During my time at the GI lab, I learned way too much about my disease, but one thing was always evident. I was healthier than almost all of my patients who also suffered from irritable bowel disease. Working alongside my physician, who is among the most caring people I have ever met, I agreed to take the medication. I was prescribed a biologic, a drug designed to suppress my immune system. As the side effects of the drug started to appear, I was experiencing joint pain, swelling, and I was not feeling well mentally. This medication that was supposed to help me was having a negative effect. My side effects were new to me, but they were dismissed as "normal." I was just completing my loading dose of going to the hospital to get injected with intravenous drugs when I said enough is enough. I stopped the medication in January of 2020 and then got laid off in March due to Covid. During my furlough, I began studying at Dr. David Klein's Vibrant Health and Wealth Academy. It has been such an invaluable learning experience for me and has improved every aspect of my life. Dr. Klein had told me I would help so many people as now I am ready to help shift the paradigm of healthcare. The practice of nurse coaching is theory-guided and evidence based using up to date information related to health, wellness, behavioral change and patient engagement to leave lasting changes that leave the healthcare consumer feeling empowered. Health cannot be obtained by any one factor alone. A high state of health can be achieved only by the employment of all factors and influences essential to human well-being in accordance with the organism's requirements. Let's heal together!

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